Alexander Murray & Co 2006 Aged 8 years Single Malt Scotch

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    Recently purchased this bottle from Trader Joe’s for ~30.00 usd. I wanted to try something new usally I buy Johnnie walker black as a everyday drink, I know the negative and positives of this company and it’s scotch but for me the price is right at about 26.99. But back to this Alexander Murray bottling of 8year old single malt scotch from Caol Ila Distillery, the color is light golden brown color “unknown of color is added” but looks amazing for the age statement, and just as you’d expect from this distillery, at first the 40% ABV although Lower end of the spectrum still has the distillers aroma from the Alchohal, smoky peaty & Briney scent is present on the nose and a sweet mixture of dried fruit and citrus appears. The taste is of the damp burned woods, peat smoke an a touch of antiseptic taste coats the mouth but transitions smoothly to baked apple and salty caramel/ butterscotch on the finish, and then the peachy smoky taste lingers for a great medium finish. To be honest for an 8year and a private bottler I was not expecting such great taste and balance from this.if you like laugavlin and Johnnie walker black this is a great middle ground and if you can find it’s for 30-40$ usd it’s a bargain. imageI will defiantly for the price be purchasing this again! 

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