Cherry cask flovered whiskey

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    Dear Mr Horst Luening 

    My name is Peter, friend of mine has a weeding in second week of December 2017 and I'm incharge of buying  beverages on that day.

    I and my wife we like so much a single malt whiskey, our favourite stuff is Glenfarclas 15 so far we also liked Glendronach revival 15 but sadly it's s been discontinued. I saw your review/ testing Glenfarclas Oloroso Cherry Cask 2004, I cannot find this whiskey anywhere else online.

    Your are the specialist in the world of whiskey, would you be so kind and recommend us the best selection of whiskey which are closely to Glenfarclas 15 with that cherry bomb flovered notes. I'm totally happy if you recommend me the best possible match and being in range price of £50-£70. I would like my wedding guest to be impressed of my whiskey choice and have enjoyed every sip of it.

    Question 2

    Staying away from cherry flovered notes, I'm turning 40's next year and I would like order very special malt whiskey for myself, something new, something that you cannot get wrong with a choice, whiskey that you will remember all your life.

    If you need any help please give me a shout anytime.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you shortly 
    Kind regards 

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    I am in no way Horst (of course), but sometimes he can take a while to reply, so I figured that I would give my input just in case he doesn't see this in time.


    There are a lot of Sherried (not cherry) whiskies to choose from.  As a result, you will get a lot of opinions, and it can be a little overwhelming.  However, there were two bottles that immediately came into mind: Aberlour 16 year and Balvenie 15 yr Single Barrel Sherry Cask.   @bedlamborn and I like Edradour a lot, but I think Aberlour and Balvenie would work better for a wedding.

    Aberlour is very well known and respected for their sherried scotch.  In my opinion, the Aberlour 16 is my favorite from the distillery and is within your price range.  the 16 year has one of the best noses I have ever smelt in a scotch whisky!  I could sit and nose it ALL DAY LONG!  The taste is great and complex, but approachable enough for someone who is new to whisky.  Plus, it comes in an attractive tube and the bottle itself is heavy and well made.  It also uses wax to seal the cork and it looks very nice.

    The Balvenie 15 year Single Barrel Sherry Cask is more "special" and expensive.  It is aged in one barrel and (I believe) is not colored or chill filtered (just like the glendronach).   You guest would definately be impressed with it if he knows his whisky.  It has a higher alcohol content, so it might be harder to sip, depending on what you are used to.  A tablespoon or two of water will really help to "open up" the whisky.   Like the Aberlour, this bottle is also very nice to look at, and the tube is very handsome.  It would stand proudly on a table. 

    Bottom line:  The Aberlour is more affordable and easier to drink, while the Balvenie is more special and exclusive, but it might be out of your price range.  

    Question 2

    Again, there is a huge ammount of choices you can make, and you would get a thousand opinions. I think we would need more information first before we can give an answer.  Do you like peated whiskies with a lot of smoke?  What is your price range?  If it's going to be special, do you want it to also be in a nice display case?  Do you really want it to not have any sherry influence in it?

    Answering these questions will help people give you a more specific recommendation.

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    @Piotr_Miszczak Hello there..I'm not Horst but i think if you like GlenFarclas 15 you should like the following:Glenfarclas 25...available for £110 in UK...but totally amazing.Cheapest 25 yr old in the world.Glengoyne 18...£69 in UK..very good...Glengoyne 21...£104 in UK..on Amazon...delicious.Macallan 12 Sherry Oak or Sienna..both good.Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 4...58.8%...very good....GlenFarc 105....60%...needs water good too.Aberlour 12 Non Chill Filtered...48%....only £40...very good value....havent tried Aberlour Abunadh...but its supposed to be very good...and only about £40!This is my personal experience of single malts..I really like GlenFarc 15...17,21 good as well,but different from 15.Hope this helps!

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    Horst @horst_s usually shows up once a week so it may take some time before he sees your question.

    As @kroman  said an Edradour single cask could be very special, but Edradour is not well liked by some people due to the heavy oilness of the whisky. I love it but some other people find it to be very soapy.

    For question 1, Glendronach 15yo is very special since it contained older whiskies than 15 year old. So in reality it was more like an 18 year olf whisky labelled as 15 years old. Something similar is what Kroman suggested, Abelour 16 or Balvenie single cask. An alternative would be the Glengoyne 18 year old. I think that would be in your price range. The Glengoyne 21 year old is to expensive for your price range but I bought it around 70 pounds sterling, so maybe you can find it cheaper at some places. The 21 year old also has an impressive box which can impress people.

    For Question 2, it is hard to answer if we don't know your preferences. @kroman  asked some very good questions. If you want old whisky which than the distillery Balblair has some old whiskies which are all vintages but it all depends on the size of your wallet but they are cheaper than the more famous distilleries.

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    @Piotr_Miszczak Also the best slightly smoky dram is Talisker 18...£79 off The Whisky Exchange...smoky,sweet,spicy in perfect harmony....very..very good!!!!!

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    @Piotr_Miszczak Sorry for answering late. But the Holiday Season has put a lot of pressure on us.

    The user kroman made very good suggestions. And for the question 2 I recommend viewing my 'Best of Month' videos in the blog here on this site.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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