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    I got this membership a year or more ago but never actually managed to do much more than buy a couple of bottles that were good but probably double the cost the same dram would have been if I had bought direct from the distillery. Is it worth renewing at almost 100 bucks!

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    Perhaps I would join if I made more money and drank more than a few drams a week, but I vote "no".

    I have a great whisky store 30 minutes from where I live and it has all the scotch and bourbon I could ever want!  Plus, each bottle I would buy from SMWS would be one less bottle I would be able to buy from some of my favorite distilleries.  That being said, I have never had an SMWS bottle either, so I could be missing out...

    However, I can also see the appeal of joining, as it would expose you to types of whiskies and flavor profiles that you would never try on your own.  Plus each cask used is "pre-approved" by a panel of enthusiasts from around the world, and that is kind of cool.

    Ultimately, only you can make that decision, but I wouldn't do it.

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    I would say no unless you can share a lot of bottles with friends.

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