Tullamore D.E.W Investment

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    Hi, I am interested on the communities opinion.

    William Grant & Sons, owners of Tullamore D.E.W and others, are about to realise a vision of a full on 'grain to glass' operation announced sometime last month via a €25m investment into the Tullamore distillery. Is the market appropriate for such an investment? As a local I can obviously say I'm happy of local investment in Tullamore but why Ireland when the American administration is putting 300% tariffs on some imports is this decision too rash. Aside from that anyways, I enjoy Tullamore D.E.W regularly though all be it NOT the green label but be it the cider cask finish and the Bonded Warehouse Release. Most of the world, particularly America and Germany love the green label. Second most popular Irish whiskey in the states to Jameson. Due to the supreme lack of availability of the cider finish and especially the Bonded release which is visitor centre only should there be more promotion and production of these 2 variants of Tullamore D.E.W? Has any of you tasted any of these perhaps on a tour? Though I can't find them has the awesome horst done a tasting on either of these 2? Interested in your thoughts and eh this is my first post so hope I typed well. I am just an enthusiast btw.Thanks and happy savouring


    Tullamore D.E.W
    1. Which of these 3 variants appeals most3 votes
      1. Green 'Standard' Label
      2. Cider Cask Finish
      3. Old Bonded Warehouse Release
    2. Does Tullamore D.E.W have a problem of reusing casks too many times.3 votes
      1. Yes
      2. Depending on the batch
      3. No
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