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    I have heard that water should not be added to single malts over 18 yr it can dry them out and ruin the flavour.Is this scientifically true..or is it just personal preference,with NO hard and fast rules???All advice very welcome..Tasted Glengoyne 18 last night and its delicious!!!!with or without water added!!!!!!

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    If you should add water all depends on the whisky you are drinking. I had a Clynelish 34yo (ABV 50,5%) and that whisky needed water to bring out the flavours. I think I added water to bring it down to 35% before it was perfect.

    However, other older whiskes with lower ABV may lose their strength with water. Look at Horsts review of Deanston 20 year old and that one loses power it seems when he added water.

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    @Highlander I think one should decide to add water or not. Personally I don't look at the age of the whisky but to the ABV of a whisky. For example I have a bourbon of 69,7% which is really tough to drink pure. With a bit of water the flavours open up nicely and is got smoother.

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