Lightly Peated 18 Y.O. Single Malt

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    I want to start enjoying good peated whisky.

    Friends who enjoy the smoke recommended starting with a lightly peated version like Talisker and Highland Park.

    Which one would be a better introduction to the world of peat..?

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    I think both are good choices however I think that the HP 18 is slightly less peated that the Talisker 18.

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    @bedlamborn Talisker 18 is totally delicious 96/100 for me.One of the tastiest whiskies i have tasted...almost on a par with Glenfarclas 25...which is Delish too!

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    Both are wonderful to start with. The HP is a little more compatible with the taste of the masses. The Talisker has a spicy note, which will not suit for everybody.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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