Whisky fully aged in Madeira casks

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    I know that @horst_s loves whisky finished in Madeira casks and I can find whisky finished in Madeira casks. But I tried finding whisky that has been aged all its life in Madeira casks but it has been almost impossible to find one. I found one independent from Hart Brothers, Glen Scotia Maderia Hogshead 24 Years , 1992 which ha been aged 24 years in a Madeira cask. However the price is approximately 260 Euros and I don't know if it is worth it. Does anyone know if there are any other available that is cheaper?

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    @bedlamborn I never came across a whisky, which was fully matured in Madeira casks.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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    Glenmorangie 1988 madiera matured 15 YO.

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    Not cheaper though.  Probably much more expensive.

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