Glenfarclas 18

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    I just realised my last order is a 1 Litre bottle!Duty Free or "Retail Travel" as they call it now.That extra 30cl will be savoured!It should have arrived today..but Parcelforce fu**ed up!Should have bern trying it tonight!Aberlour 18 arriving soon...(Horst liked that one).Must admit Macallan Sienna sounds good...anyone tried it?

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    Macallan Sienna is a good one and very enjoyable in my opinion (many out there say it's the best value for money from the Macallan 1824 series). I would rate it above the Aberlour 18, although that's also a very good one. Y haven't tried yet the Glenfarclas 18, but the 15yo is superb for me......

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