Lagavulin 16

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    I have just ordered this smoky beast online after seeing Horsts review...bit if a risk as didnt really like Talisker when I tried it.Is there a difference between Smoky and Peaty????Trying to be adventurous with my whisky experimenting,so hope its a pleasant surprise....certainly a departure from Glenfarclas or Macallan!

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    Lagavulin I find to be perhaps the most distinctive of Islay malts...definitely work your way through the bottle before making any conclusions based off the first dram...compared to Talisker, that one is a mild smokiness, Lagavulin is a peat monster...enjoy!

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    @Highlander Here is a link to the significance of peat in whisky.

    Only burnt (smoldering) peat results in smokiness. Peat for itself smells close to nothing. Perhaps a little sour. There are only differences in the oxidization level of peat.

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