Question For Horst (or Ben if he knows), Mics.

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    What microphone does (or did?) Horst use for a majority of his YouTube videos?  You know exactly which one I'm talking about.  The one with the rich ASMR sound that you can never see in shot but can always definitely hear.  Make and model number?  Please.

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    @Tokyo Most of the time I had a Rode NTG1 Condenser Shotgun Mic. The extreme sound came from the auto volume amplification by the Panasonic camera.

    Since a few months I use a large diaphragm mic with constant amplification. I tried for some weeks to use a stereo setup. But the room is too complicated to open up a good stereo stage.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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    @horst_s  your audio is the best, by far.

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