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    I know it's fairly easy to find a list of distilleries in the US mostly because they all have to be registered (well the legal ones do) has anyone ever seen a comprehensive listing of whiskey bars though? I don't mean like a top ten or something but like every whiskey bar by state (or some similar type of thing). I would think this would be difficult because it's not like their licensing is any different from any other bar but it would be interesting to see anyway.

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    Yeah, I haven't seen anything like that either...or at least the kind I'm looking for. It's something I too have always looked for.

    Regardless, here are some that I have personally been to that I think fits the bill of what I think of when I imagine a whisky bar:  lots of whisk(e)y, some finger food/light food, reasonable prices.  C'mon forum members...let's get this thing started!  Maybe if we get enough participation, I'll make a publicly available google spreadsheet or something. 

    we could try to keep it informative, but brief.  This is a list, not a novel.  I would also steer away from merely restaraunts with whisky.  the focus should be places who's primary objective is serving whisky.


    Baltimore - Birds of a Feather: over 120 scotches. good prices. knowledgable staff  (DISCLAIMER: I have not been here, but it has a great reputation in the area) 

    Ellicott City - Judges Bench: largest selection in the state (over 300 whiskies. mostly scotch, if I remember). great prices


    Orlando - The Woods: large whisky selection. Good cocktails

    Orlando - Hanson's Shoe Repair:  it's a prohibition-era speakeasy with a really cool vibe. Not the largest whisky selection, but great cocktails, and it makes you feel like you're part of a movie set.  GREAT PLACE!

    Washington DC:

    Jack Rose Dining Saloon:  The largest selection of whisky in the western hemisphere with good prices.  Need I say more...?

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    I don't mean like a top ten or something but like every whiskey bar by state (or some similar type of thing).  check this beer growler

    I don't think it's possible in a short amount of time to come up with such a list. The best you can do is probably list the top 10-15 per state.
    Don't forget that some operate for a few years then close. An exhaustive list will need constant updating.

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