Talisker 10 year old

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    The only distillery on the isle of skye, a malt that is extremely popular malt, the one I am reviewing is two years old, so it may be slightly different.

    Intro- Easily available single malt, retails for $65-$85 in Canada. I know in Europe it floats around 30 euros, a miniature is available, so if you haven't tried this amazing malt, I recommend it. It from my research is overpriced where I am, retailing in the same realm as Glenfiddich 18 year old, and will most likely be the most expensive 12 year old and under malt on the shelf excluding eccentric single malts.

    Color - Amber +1,1.5 almost like a rusty orange.

    Smell: the ocean is on fire, smoke, salt, almost a slightly medicinal note. I get raisins in the back, and green apple, albeit it comes and goes. it is moderately sweet

    Taste: Complex and welcoming, dangerously smooth for a whisky at 46% did I say 46% I meant 45.8% a trademark of this whisky and I am not complaining since most of diageos stock is 40 or 43% once it reaches the shops. It has a fair bit of peat and is different from islays south coast but is equally as powerful and dramatic. I do get some sweetness on the palate, presumably from sherry casks. I also get dried fruits perhaps dried apple slices that have been coated in powdered sugar before baking with a dash of cinnamon or cayenne.

    Finish: Extremely long and lingering, I finished my glass 30 minutes ago and i still taste it.

    Final Remarks: When I first bought this it was for a camping trip, the store I went to had this and a few other bottles, Johnnie walker swing was the other I bought that faithful night, at first I did not like this malt, I had one glass, and put it on the shelf for 8 months and did not touch it again, later to give it another chance and I fell in love, amazing what time will do to our senses( ardbeg, lagavullin and laphroig) have gotten me used to peat. This is however not a malt for a first timer or someone who has only sampled the usual, glenfiddich 12, glenlivet 12 and highland park 12, nothing wrong with those malts but this one needs time and patience, a dram usually lasts me 30 mins plus. I suppose a rating is in order as well, I have no problem saying this is an ace, 90.5/100 It's only flaw being it doesn't take water well and lacks maturity, which is expected of a 10 year old. I look forward deeply to trying the 18 and 25 year old. Perhaps for my birthday I will splurg.

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    This is an all-timer in my bar. Funny enough, I had a similar first encounter with this malt years ago: I got it for a present when all I had ever experienced whisky-wise was Glenfiddich 12 and Glenmorangie 10, so after taking a sip I banned it to the top of my kitchen cabinet and only redicovered it when I was well under way on my whisky journey (some years later). Since then it has been one of my favourite all-day-drams.
    This is a wonderful example that good whisky doesn't have to be old - just well made...8)

    And malt does more than Milton can To justify God's ways to man. (A. E. Housman)
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