Favorite American Whiskey?

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    Buffalo trace is nice although a bit to much vanilla in the taste for me. But Blanton's that they make is very good.

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    My top 3 are Elijah Craig Small Batch, Buffalo Trace and Maker's Mark.  All three offer great value.

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    My first post so please excuse my ignorance.  Been into sipping whiskey for a few years and in trying to expand my horizons and palate lead me hear. 

    At the end of the day I like to have a couple fingers of whiskey on ice.  My everyday goto whiskey is Jack Daniels, my favorite sipping whiskey so far is Woodford Reserve.  But I'm always looking for the holly grail.  Whiskeys I currently have in the liquor cabinet: Elijah Craig, Bookers, Four Roses and even have some Whistlepig.  Recently, I was pleasantly surprised by Jim Beam Black, a good whiskey at a good price.


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