Favorite American Whiskey?

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    Woodford Reserve and Wild Turkey Rare Breed.
    Carhartt liked that
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    Rare Breed would also be on my short list of best American whiskeys. 

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    I originally started out with Jack Daniels, then went to Tennessee Honey, and came to realize I wasn't drinking Bourbon, but whisky. I know. Rookie mistake, and I was. With more years, more knowledge, more experience under my belt, I came to begin testing the differences not only with Whisky and Bourbon, but which Bourbons I enjoy.

    Although some would agree Wild Turkey could take this, I find myself constantly attracted to Woodford Reserve. It's my go-to for Bourbon. Always. If I want something not Scotch, it's Woodford.

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    I recently discovered "Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof" and was surprised by its taste. A bit sweet but was good bang for bucks :smile:

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    I love anything barrel proof at the moment! Stand outs for me are:

    Blantons SFTB

    Elijah Craig BP

    Michters BP Rye

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed

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    @Godslayer My all time favorite American whiskey is a bit of an underdog. Its the Michter's American Unblended Whiskey. Its a bit tricky to find at times and I haven't met many people who've even heard of it but its just amazing! It's labeled as a whiskey instead of a bourbon because it was aged in ex bourbon barrels as opposed to virgin oak, but it's very much a bourbon in pedigree. Its very sweet and rich. Strong vanilla, butterscotch, and pipe tobacco notes. Delicious neat or on the rocks. I prefer it on the rocks. Its its own cocktail! If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do! Obviously price varies everywhere, but I picked up a bottle for $42 here in Florida. Anyone enjoy this whiskey?

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    My favorite isn't anything special at the moment, I've been enjoying some Gentleman Jack lately...

    However, I've been eyeballing a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Barrel Proof, it's in stock at my local Total Wine, may grab it this weekend.

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    @Turtle71 You just named my favorite store to shop at, I and I don't shop. Total Wine! 

    Jack Dan single barrel is nice, but I've never had much at any one time, only samples. Total Wine should have a sample bottle if you don't want to spend the full price on a full bottle. 


    Personally, my favorite American whiskey? Well I have at least a few contexts. 

    For more of a bourbon experience/specialty - Buffalo Trace. 

    Under the desk bottle - Jack Dan or Evan Williams usually. This tends to be bourbon or Tennessee whiskey anyways. I made an exception for St. Patrick's Day week and had Irish whiskey underneath though! 

    Mint Julep - Four Roses (Yellow). I've used Beam too, but when we went to Kentucky we sat on the porch BBQing with Four Roses mint juleps, and it was great all around.

    Of course I've tried a number of others but these are some go to considerations. 

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    I've had a few different bourbons lately, and I currently have in my stock both Buffalo Trace and Bulliett Bourbon. I bought both because it seems people have been pitting them against each other in tastings. 

    Well, the Buffalo is good, but I prefer the Bulliett more.

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    I'm not the biggest bourbon drinker, but Buffalo Trace makes a brand of bourbon called Col. E H Taylor.  Their single barrel batch is the best bourbon I ever had and would gladly give it a permanent place on my shelf.

    Image result for col e h taylor single barrel

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