Favorite American Whiskey?

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    Hey Ben,
    this is what a quick search turned up:

    The truth is that Black Maple Hill is neither a distillery nor a place of origin. It's an independent label owned by my friend Paul Joseph in San Carlos, down the road from our store... Paul pays Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (Willett, Vintage 17, Pure Kentucky, Noah's Mill, Rowan's Creek, etc.) to make this blend for him and then he slaps the label on it. So, in reality, Black Maple Hill is a Bourbon that's blended in Kentucky, but owned by a nice man on the San Francisco peninsula.
    from Smoky Beast.com

    Sounds pretty interesting, though I fear there's only a marginal chance to get hold of a bottle over here...:cry:
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    I had no idea that Black Maple Hill was owned by someone in SF...perhaps I should keep my eye out when I am down there!

    I had a good day today...when I was out and about in downtown Portland, I picked up a bottle of Collingwood 21 (along with a Bushmills single malt 16 and a Glenmorangie Signet) that I will hopefully be cracking open over the weekend. :smile:

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    Thanks for the information,

    To the Collingwood 21. It's great yea, but for me its too hefty to have it more often.

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    Eagle Rare 10 and 17 frequently draw my attention. Furthermore when I want to taste the next level the William Larue Weller & Thomas H Handy Sazerac from the antique collection and possibly a Pappy van Winkel are being opened. All made by Buffalo Trace distillery. Kentucky Frankfurt finest IMHO. Once in a while a Blanton is not too smelly either. Suppose there are a lot more fine American whiskey bottlings however I focus on Scotch.

    love the sound of opening a whisky bottle
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    I tried the Collingwood 21 last night...I was very surprised! It was as smooth as expected, but I found it very floral and herbal. Very tasty, but unlike any other Canadian I've had before.

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    Globus has a special where you can get a bottle of Makers Mark with a glass for 2 euro less than just the bottle of Makers Mark. Its funny, being American, it will be my first real taste of an American bourbon. I'll let you know if I like it or not later. :smile:

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    All time favorite? Not a clue, with 690 (according to my count which may be as much as 10% off) distilleries in America, I am nowhere near that many tested. Right now I am enjoying some whiskeys from my home state of Virginia, and Kopper Kettle has to take the cake there, with Wasmund's single malt trailing behind (though it is growing on me). Kopper Kettle is cheaper at $36 a bottle so it takes a hard win there. If you want Kentucky bourbon though, Blanton's has a special place in my heart, and in my cabinet.

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    I am Canadian. But I really love American whiskey. I like Jack Daniels the best especially the Single Barrel. The reason I prefer the Tennessee whiskey over bourbon is the mellowing. Charcoal mellowing takes a lot of the strong corn and harsh tastes out of the whiskey that I find bourbon has. That's not to say that bourbon isn't made to a high standard of quality because it is. This extra step however that Jack Daniels takes sets it above all other American Whiskeys and a lot of scotch. I find that just because a whiskey has 12 years ageing or longer doesn't make it good in all cases. I like a whiskey that's matured to taste not time and Jack Daniels hits the mark as well. It may not have an age statement but it tastes awesome and that's what I care about most of all.

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    Bookers is one of my all time favorites...love the stuff. Jim Beam's more or less premium stuff. Comes in around 60% or close to it and the flavors are intense. I either have to let it sit a good 10 minutes or add several drops of water to lighten it up a bit.

    Also wanted to add Rittenhouse Rye, I believe it's made by Heaven Hill distilleries. Amazing stuff and it's under 20$ outside of Chicago.

    Cheers Mike

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