Favorite American Whiskey?

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    If you don't like bourbon then this is probably not the section of the forum for you; but if you do and you have questions, I have some knowledge and access to almost 100 bourbons. Happy to do a taste if I haven't already done it. I am not a professional; but I am studying bourbon and learning to put words to the nose, mouth feel, taste, and finish. My favorite is Pappy Van Winkle 23 yr old. I tried not to like it; because of all the hype and the extreme difficulty of purchasing a bottle. But I have tried it in bars multiple times in direct comparison flights to other super premium whiskeys and I actually do really like it. Since it's so hard to get, I also have many readily available nicely priced bourbons that are very pleasant, very delicious and very nice drams.
    I'm new to the forum. I'm a bourbon and Absinthe drinker with a few Scotches. But I also like many mixed drinks and any well made spirit. I drink only about 1 - 1.5 oz. in a night and routinely do tastings of 1/2 oz. of 2 different bourbons. I never drink and drive and rarely do tastings on consecutive days. Responsible drinking, responsibility in life.
    Glad to be in the forum. I really enjoy Horst Luening's reviews. Also really enjoy ralfy stuff on you tube.
    Let's talk about bourbon.

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    "Budgerigar_canalis" wrote:
    I don't like bourbon that much because I don't like the taste of corn in whisky. The only bourbon I've liked so far (I've tried about 6 or 7) was the Elijah Craig 12 y.o.

    Last week I tried two Canadian whiskies and I liked them a lot better than bourbon. So when it comes to North America, what I wanna try in the future are more Canadian whiskies and rye whiskeys from the U.S. with only a small corn content.

    If you're looking to investigate some more American whiskies but don't like a strong corn flavor, definitely look out for American rye whiskies. In particular, see if you can find Willet Rye. It's quite reasonable for what it is (at least in the US), and it's really spicy - tastes nothing like bourbon!

    (This is the second post in which I've mentioned Willet tonight - what can I say? I'm hooked on the stuff right now!)
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    I consider myself a connoisseur of a number of tasty adult beverages. I'm partial to Canadian and Kentucky and also to my wallet. Crown Black and Elijah Craig 12yr can both be found in my cabinet at any time. Woodford Reserve and Jim Beam Devil's Cut are right up there for me too.

    And to the poster who said that the only American whiskey they had tried was Jack Daniels - please don't let that be the reason why you don't try others. Grin...

    - DoubleShot
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    "Xounlistedxox" wrote:
    Elmer T Lee is some seriously good stuff, as well as Van Winkle 12, but my favorite bourbon is Woodford Reserve. It's amazingly flavorful & easy to find.

    Recently, a friend of mine treated my to a 1.5oz shot of Pappy Van Winkle 23 year in a very nice restaurant we were having dinner at. It was a first tasting for me and I always like to try new beverages neat at first so I can get a full flavor.

    I was mildly surprised to find that I did not really care for the hint of smokiness in the finish. After a couple tiny sips I decided to throw a couple ice cubes into the glass and let me tell you, that made all the difference! After mellowing a few minutes, that Pappy started tasting better and better.

    Was that one shot of 23 year worth $50? No...but it was a fun experience to be sure. If I ever won the lottery, it would be cool to have a couple bottles to pull out for special guests from time to time...grin...

    - DoubleShot
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    Jack Daniels

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    i have drank old number 7 for many a year now, but i have tried gentleman jack, the limited edition number 1 very nice and smooth, the jack daniels honey is very sweet, but with a little lemonade it's like drinking juice, my favourite of the one's i have tasted is the single barrel really nice and packs a punch

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    I am by no means a connoisseur of American whiskey. I am an American and I do love whiskey but I tend to prefer single malt scotch 9/10 times. For the "1/10" times I do enjoy an American whiskey, I have come to love:

    1.) Journeyman Last Feather Rye Whiskey
    2.) Angel's Envy Port Finished Bourbon

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    Hello all, 1st post

    As a big fan of Bourbon and Rye. Some my favorites(they can change daily)in no specific order:

    Noah's Mill
    Rock Hill Farms
    Weller 12
    Four Roses, single barrel and small batch
    Makers 46
    E H Taylor Single Barrel and Rye
    Elmer T Lee
    Angel's Envy
    Barterhouse 20
    Bookers, Bakers, KCSB
    Rendezvous Rye

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    Greetings all, my first post here as well.

    I had been mostly a wine and beer appreciator as a young adult, with my spirits appreciation limited to basically mixed drinks, until I was at an upscale bar with a friend about seventeen years ago. For some reason we felt our wallets were a bit too full, so we both splurged on a glass of Macallan 25. That was quite possibly the most expensive drink I ever bought, given that it (unfortunately?) kindled a love for whiskies. :smile:

    I was primarily a Scotch-only guy after that for several years until I finally decided that there had to be other examples of great whiskies elsewhere. I went on a mission to see what other examples of great whiskies I could find, and I did find quite a few excellent American (and Canadian) ones.

    My personal favorite American whiskey (regardless of price) is the Pappy Van Winkle 20yo family reserve (still hunting down a bottle of 23yo, so I can't compare that yet). For everyday, it would have to be the Basil Hayden's 8yo. I agree that Woodford is a very nice sipping whiskey, and I also like Knob Creek, Booker Noe, Baker's and Jack Daniel's single barrel. But I always keep coming back to the Basil Hayden, which seems to give me the best combination of flavor and smoothness. On the wishlist is Eagle Rare 17 and Black Maple Hill 16 small batch.

    For Canadian whisky, my favorite thus far is the Canadian Club 20yo. Now that is a really smooth whisky. Crown Royal reserve is also very nice for a nice sip. Someday I'll track down a Collingwood 21 (I hope), but I also want to try Lot No. 40 and some of the Forty Creek entries (the Double Barrel looks very enticing).

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    Welcome to the Forum. Great to see so many open minded enthusiasts. One Question: "The black maple hill 16" what kind of whisky is it and where is it from?

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