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    Do you like your whisky chill filtered of non chill filtered.

    As I enjoy my whisky without ice and I am not afraid of a few clouds in my whisky I say: "Leave out the chill filtration."

    But I am not willing to pay more money for a whisky that has one production step less!:mad:


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    Simple for me. It depends on the whisky itself.

    A nice lowland whisky for summer evenings should be gentle and in that case there is no reason not to chillfilter it. Thats suits in my opinion. The higher costs (for CL) can be equalized through a low alc %vol (40%) that also fits to a dram like this.

    On the other hand they should not chillfilter the richly flavoured ones, and bottle them all @46%vol. At this alc% level there should be no clouds/fog. The saved costs (no CL) can be spend for additional %vol.

    For me the distilleries shouldn't make compromises in that case. It's ok for me to pay some extra money for extra %vol. I know there are laws and that its cheaper to sell 40% whiskies than 46%. I'm not sure about the exact limits..

    In the end we can't influence the distilleries. So we just have to taste and make our own decision. Either we like it or not. But for me its not comprehensible to simply "demonize" all chillfiltered whiskies.

    (a poll would be nice: Like/don't like/depends)

    regards.. ..and sorry for bad english
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