Why Lowlands single malt are expensive?

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    I'm looking for an entry point lowlands single malt and I'm realizing that are,  in average,  more expensive than other Scottish regions. Any reason for that?  It worth? Any recommendation of a 30 or 40€ per bottle of a typical,  pure,  lowlands expression? 

    I look Auchentoshan but I read it has quite irish influence. 

    Thanks mates. 

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    Auchentoshan is the only remaining example of the traditional, triple-distilled lowland style, a style that is similar to triple-distilled Irish single malt (Bushmills or Cooley). A good introduction to Auchentoshan would be the 12 year old, but, if you don't like the triple-distilled style, you could go for a Glenkinchie 12 year old (although it is double-distilled). Both of these should be in your 30-40 Euro target price.

    Other than those two distilleries, your options are limited. You might be able to find an old Bladnoch bottling hiding on the shelf somewhere. Ailsa Bay released an interesting, heavily peated malt last year, but it is not a typical Lowland malt.

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    I've tried a couple of the Auchentoshan, I have a bottle of a Cadenhead Auch 17 single cask on my shelf now...so, my wife is a Irish whiskey enthusiast so I've had the opportunity to sample quite a few, I find the only thing they have in common is the triple distillation process, the flavor profile of Auchentoshan is distinctly "Scotch" ...albeit, it is a more "refined" Scotch definitely, "lighter"...Ive had a bottle of Bladnoch 18 single cask that was wonderful, full and rich...I cannot speak to their standard OP bottle and I do feel your price point pain with these distilleries...Signatory and Gordon and MacPhail also have independent bottlings of both these lowlands that are worth your while, sometimes you can find a good deal with those...the aforementioned Cadenhead is owned by Springbank and they release some outstanding bottlings...

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    I would look out for a Glenkinchie 12yo or the distillers' edition, which is a little more expensive but from my point of view worth the money.

    BUT! It is produced like a Highland malt and tastes more or less like a Highland malt. The other distilleries in the lowlands are long closed and therefore really expensive (e.g. Rosebank).

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    @DaFinive had the Auchentashen American oak, 12 yr, and three wood... American oak is just ok, a bit generic. The 12 yr and three wood, however, are amazing! I got the 12 yr for $42 and the Three wood for $57... both will always be in my bar!

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    @DaFin I would reckon the reason for the price difference is simply a matter of demand. The lowland distilleries have a tendency to produce lesser quantities. When you produce less, cost pr "liter" so to say, would typically increase.

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