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    I have reviewed Lagavulin 25yr and Yamazaki 25yr and both are without doubt excellent whiskies - but way beyond $1000/bottle.

    yeah, I saw the Laga 25 and it seems like some special, but WAY outside my price range


    Shmotch said:

    greetings, the big question is what is your budget, then from there, Bourbon or Sherry cask, and there are not a lot of official bottlings at 25 year worth the big bucks, before you drop the coin, you should at least give a consideration to the wonderful independent bottlings from Gordon & Macphail and Signatory and Cadenhead and a few others, the bottles are also usually very nice and you can get some amazing whiskies this way

    I don't want to go over $500 for my bottle

    I've had a couple of Signatory bottlings and you're right; they produce some mighty fine liquid.    
    But like I said earlier, if I'm paying this kind of money, I want the whole experience, to include a
    nice presentation case.  The independent bottlers typically have lackluster presentation cases.

    I've also noticed that the glendronach grandeur seems to be less than $500 at a couple of places, so I'd definitely be interested in that as well.

    Bowmore doesn't sound too bad...

    I guess for me it's down to:  Bunnahabhain 25, Glenmorangie 25 (if I can get it under $500), Glendronach Grandeur and Bowmore 25.

    Thanks all!  It'll be a while before I buy one, but I'll keep you posted.

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    @kroman ;;

    you might consider Takisker 30. I think prices Is a tad above usd 500. 
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