Booker's at $100!

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    Bookers bourbon will have a suggested retail price of $99.99 in the US effective with the new year. :mad: That effectively amounts to a doubling of the price. They will also be reducing the number of batches from 6 to 4 per year, while keeping the batch size the same (about 350 barrels).

    I have doubts that this strategy will work for Beam. Booker's is always on the shelves at the stores where I shop. I believe that many of the current buyers of Booker's won't continue to purchase the product at $100. Beam has to be thinking that the young, new-to-whiskey market segment, who often purchase based on price alone (they think expensive is always better) will now set their sights on Booker's. Beam's limited Knob Creek 2001 hasn't been a big success; I still see it on the shelves at $125-$175. Booker's Rye did sell out quickly at $300 a bottle, so maybe that figured into Beam's decision on the Booker's bourbon price increase. However, there is a big difference between the Booker's Rye, which was a one-time release laid down by a legendary master distiller, and the regularly available Booker's bourbon.

    This is a shrewd move by Beam if it works - increasing total revenue on the product by a third while also decreasing the costs associated with that revenue by a third and, as a bonus, freeing up 700 of the company's best barrels of bourbon each year for use in other products. 

    As for me, I can get a very good bourbon for $50 or less, so I would rather spend the $100 on a good bottle of Scotch.

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    @Carlton Tried to see if Booker's were available in Sweden but nothng here so it wont affect me.

    Sounds like they are trying to create a premium product. Like Mortlach and Bladnoch.
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    Even at the current price ($62 locally), I can't justify the purchase. As to the proposed price of $100, I'm offended by Beam Suntory's audacity. That's an outrageously unwarranted hike that overtly conveys their corporate avarice and complete disregard towards loyal purchasers of Booker's.
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