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    I´m a fan of Bruichladdich Whisky. Well at least of their whiskies before they were sold. At the moment I´m a bit dissapointed of the whiskies they offer. Either they are to young or to expensive. The Barley and Classic Laddie are ok, but nothing special and the Black Art is way overprized. Haven´t had a chance to try the Port Charlotte Series, yet. I´m missing something like a good 16 year old for example (I really liked the Laddie 16). Also the Micro Provenence Series seem to dry out more and more. I watched Mr. Lünings tasting video (german) of the Bruichladdich Scottish Barley wich is now more than two years old where he talks, well rants about the new core range and how this can´t be seriously the core range. Two years later exactly this seems to be the case, unfortunately . Is there any chance we will see more from Bruichalddich in the near future ?

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    There is an 8 yrs coming up shortly in the Travel-Value stores. This will be the (re)beginning of aged whiskies at Bruichladdich. Hopefully we see the 10 yrs as the next big step on the domestic markets.

    The problem of Bruichladdich is and was the amount of casks in the warehouses. The former proprietors finished every old cask they found to be ready to the market. But what did the buyer? Did they only look at the sales and not at the inventory? Did they not look through the inventory list and added up the vintages?

    We will never know. But this time I think a megacompany did a long term investment. Not the worst idea.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster,
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