Kavalan Vinho Barrique (Solist?)

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question regarding the current Vinho Barrique expression offered from Kavalan. I recently purchased a bottle from my local retailer in the USA. The bottle and packaging is near identical to that of a Solist Sherry Cask and a Solist Ex-Bourbon Cask that I purchased in Taiwan earlier this year. The difference, aside from the packaging color, is that it does not say "Solist". The "cask number", which is handwritten, is W0911>7008A. The bottle number is 1>7/181.

    My question to you is twofold, 1.) Has Kavalan created separate packaging for their Solist range in USA market? 2.) Have they recently released a non-single cask expression?

    It is unclear whether the ">" character in the cask and bottle numbers listed is actually a "2". Again, it is handwritten and not entirely clear. If it is a ">" then I am lead to believe that this bottle consists of a range of casks.

    Side note - my friend purchased a bottle of the Vinho Barrique shortly after it won the Whisky of the year award. The cask number listed on his bottle is not hand written and there are no mysterious ">" characters. Is it possible that his bottle was taken from a single cask and mine from a blend?

    Please help!


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    I can only address the Solist issue. I too purchased a Vinho Barrique (Hi-Times in California) so I e-mailed customer service at Kavalan directly and they said for US markets the US Trade Commission required them to remove the word Solist. Solist is on all other labels of these releases in the world markets. Companies must submit a sample label before they can market in the US. The juice is the same stuff. Yes Kavalan has several non single cask strength selections Ex-Sherry Oak and Ex-Bourbon both at 46%. Not sure what the > issue is could be a 2 or 7. Enjoy your bottle, not many more out there. :eek:

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    The standard bottle size in the US has to be 0.75 liter. In other parts of the word 0.7 liter is mandatory.

    Kind regards, Horst Luening, Master Taster, Whisky.com
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