What are the specific meanings to each of the status in the Whisky Database?

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    May I know what is the purpose of the status "Closed, Opened, Empty, Wish, Sample and Tasted" in the Whisky Database? How does "Open" different from "Tasted"? And if someone has a bottle of whisky under "Wish" Status, does he/she owns the bottle or wish to own the bottle? Thank you for answering my question. :eek:

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    I don't use the whisky database here, but AFAIK the difference between "open" and "tasted" should be read as "bottle's open, might or might not be tasted and judged" and "tasted this whisky (at a shop, whisky venue etc.), but don't have my own bottle of it". Some times the latter might also lead to the former... :lol:
    The "wish" status confers to the intent of getting a bottle - but for whatever reason that hasn't happened yet.
    I hope, this helps - maybe someone more active with the database can confirm or elaborate.

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    Thats exactly right. If you need any other status you could tell me right now, because we are just currently improving our Database.

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