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    I bought the Aberlour a'bundah(sp), and loved it. I am looking to acquire one of the following: Auchetoshon 3 Woods, or BenRiach 15 year sherry cask. Which do you recommend over the other? Are there other ones in the sub $100 category I should look into? Thanks all. Best, Joel

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    If you're looking for a malt with a lot of sherry influence the Auchentoshan won't fit the bill - the BenRiach is a decent whisky that isn't overpriced (that is, over here in Germany...).
    If you're looking for more sherry influence than what the BenRiach has to offer, depending on the type of sherry influence you prefer I'd recommend to try Glendronach 18 (Allardice), 21 (Parliament), Glenfarclas 15 or one of the independent Longmorn bottlings by Van Wees or Signatory.

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    Any glendronach. It's an amazing ride. The 12/15/21 are all excellent. Best value sherries in my opinion. Macallan 12 is good if you can find it. Any glenmorangie 18 or sherry cask are good. The 18 isn't ppure sherry but still excellent. Bowemore 15 laimrg or 15 are also good choices. Any glenfarclas is also good. Read the tasting notes and look for dried fruits. As glenfarclas Varies bottle to bottle. When you get bored of basic sherry malts try arbeg ugidaul it's super heavy peat in fino sherry casks.

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    Many different independent bottlings of single sherry casks are rather interesting, as Tom pointed out already. There are also good Glenlivet and Glenrothes by Signatory out there for example.

    If you want to try something as different as it gets with unpeated sherried malts, try Tobermory 15yo. That is really something else and at least for me, a great expression, which will land in my bar some time this year. I don't know however, whether it is below 100$ - in Germany it is around 90€. Make sure to try it first since you might also not like it with its cheesy (literally smells like cheese) and maritime aromas.

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    My favorite bang for the buck sherried whisky is hands down glendronach 15. Superb quality.

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    Balavanie double wood 12 year is an excellent sherry finish. $64

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