The Macallan distillery is a very big and industrialised distillery. It was founded in the year 1824 during the big Scottish distillation changes.

The Macallan Pot stills
The pot stills

The Macallan is located next to the river Spey. It was one of the first distilleries to be registered in 1824 and is now one of the biggest whisky distilleries in Scotland.

The macallan spirit stills
The spirit stills

In 1882 the distillery was sold to Roderick Kemp. His family brought the company to great success during the following 100 years of service.

The Macallan buildings with snow on top
Macallan during the winter

Macallan has long been used in the blended whisky industry. Due to its delicious character and flavours it often served as the chest-piece in many blended malts.

The Macallan spirit safe
The spirit safe.

During the 1960s the Macallan brand got its international breakthrough. And during the 80s the brand became well known all over the world.

The big new warehouse from 1995. The shelves are made of steel
The big new warehouse from 1995