The Highland Park sign at the entrance

The Highland Park distillery

The Highland Park distillery is most northern distillery there is in Scotland. distillation began in 1798 when Magnus Eunson started distilling the water of life illegally.

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Located at the far remote island of Orkney gives the whisky a nice sea flavour. Despite the extreme weather the Highland park whiskies are typical for a lightly peated Highland malt.

The Kiln of the Highland Park distillery
The Kiln of the Highland Park distillery

At the distillery tour you can see all of the steps in the whisky making business. The malting floors show you how the malting is traditionally done.

The Highland Park malting floors

The most impressive part of the distillery tour is of course the still house. Here you see the distilling business first hand. The big round copper pot stills give you the typical fruity, lightly fermented sell that you find in every Scottish distillery.

The pot stills