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Original bottling
The Edradour 10 year old is the main product of the Edradour distillery. It is a intensive Single malt with a strong sherry influence. A perfect whisky to enjoy before or between meals. Nose: Quite intense, a fruitiness both from the distillery...
Original bottling
This is a very special Edradour with a lot of sherry influences. It was finished for 42 month in Oloroso sherry casks. This intensified his aroma altered the colour to a deep golden light. The Caledonia was named after the Song from the famous Scottish...
Signatory Vintage - Nov. 2003 / Mar. 2013
This Edradour was matured in Ruby Port wine casks. The Port wine comes from Portugal. The Ruby is the most famous and the most produced Port wine there is. Its sweetness is reflected in this Scotch.
Signatory Vintage
This is the 7th release of the Port wine cask matured Edradour. Its sweetness and intensity balance each other very well.
Signatory Vintage
A very exclusive Edradour decanter for this sherry casks matured whisky.
Signatory Vintage
The Edrador matured in Port casks result in a fruity intense Scotch that you will rarely find in any other bottling.
Original bottling - 16. Feb. 2000 / 04. Jun. 2010
This bottle belongs to the straight from the cask series and was matured in sherry cask. A nice combination of the Edradour character and a sherry sweetness.
Signatory Vintage - Nov. 2003 / Sep. 2011
This Scotch of the Edradour distillery was matured in Port wine casks and comes at strong 46% ABV.It is not chill filterd and the colour comes from the special Portuguese casks.
Original bottling - Dec. 2003 / Jul. 2012
The special selected Burgundy wine cask were chosen to mature this whisky from day one. The Edradour spirit picked up a lot of fruity notes and the intense red colour. It was bottled at 46% ABV and is not chill filtered.
Signatory Vintage - Nov. 2003 / Jul. 2012
This limited Edition was matured in in Ruby Port Hogsheads. The Edradour malt got another very nice fruity Port note out of this maturation.
Original bottling
This is the miniature version of the Edradour Caledonia. It was named after the song from a famous Scottish musician. The small size makes it perfect to try out the fruity, intense lightly peated aroma.
Signatory Vintage / Feb. 2010
This Edradour Scotch was matured in Portuguese wine casks. The intense fruity whisky and the red colour make it a perfect example for a Scottish whisky.
Signatory Vintage
This Edradour was bottled at Signatory Vintage. Both companies have the same owner. Andrew Symington's hobby is the Finish in very rare wine casks.
Original bottling
The Edradour cream liqueur is very famous. Usually cream liqueur are a bit boring. The intense character of the Edradour Scotch boosts this liqueur a lot and makes it an interesting alternative. The cream liqueur is made of fresh dairy cream mixed with...

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