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Original bottling - Flora & Fauna
The Flora and Fauna is often seen as the standard bottling of a distillery. Nose: A bit sweet, some peat smoke Taste: Sweet and smoky. A warming body. Finish: Long with subtle sweetness
Anam na h-Alba - 01. Jun. 1989 / 06. Dec. 2012
Bourbon/Port Finish Strong, sweet, dark fruits, chocolate
Signatory Vintage - The Un-Chillfiltered Collection - 02. Apr. 1997 / 13. Jan. 2010
Natural Colour No Chillfiltration
Other bottler - 08. Apr. 1998 / 10. Apr. 2012
Hay, herbs, sweet cookies, caramel, dryness
van Wees - The Ultimate - 21. Oct. 1988 / 10. Feb. 2014
Douglas McGibbons - McGibbon's Provenance - Dec. 1999 / Jul. 2012
Nose: Citrus notes, grind sugar, some grist and a smooth floral note Taste: Pleasing sweet with fruits and pears, syrup, malt and honey Finish: Vanilla, Bonbons and some sweet spices.
Signatory Vintage - Cask Strength Collection (Sign.) - 21. Oct. 1988 / 12. Feb. 2014
Nose: Bitter and sweet, grapefruit, oranges, roasted caramel, vanilla, dark chocolate, raisins, hints of cinnamon Taste: Bitter lemon, dark chocolate, intense Grapefruit, black berries, tannins from the oak. Finish: Long and bitter, European oak with...
Signatory Vintage - The Un-Chillfiltered Collection - 02. Apr. 1997 / 24. Jul. 2009
The Un-Chillfiltered Collection
Original bottling
Single Cask Collection Cask 2767
Cadenhead's - Authentic Collection
Douglas McGibbons - McGibbon's Provenance
Nose: The nose has a lot of volume and is aromatic with spices Taste: The taste is rather malty with traces of chocolate Finish: The finish is mediocre and warming and pleasing.

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