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Murray McDavid
This Banff is a nice choice from Jim McEwan in his 'Celtic Heartlands'. His range stands out from the others as they are not just old. The Scotch has an astonishing complexity and originality. It comes in a premium decanter and is safely packed in a...
Gordon & MacPhail - Connoisseurs Choice
The bottlings of Banff are pretty rare. This is one of the Gordon & MacPhail bottlings. Nose: Sweet and fruity, pear with floral notes and hints of burnt oak. Aroma: Smoky with ash, sweet spices, licorice with anise and roasted fruits. Finish: Sweet...
Original bottling
This Banff is pretty special. The old owner bottled this ander the old Label on his own. The bottle is a collectors item and usually to expensive for tasting.
Signatory Vintage - 12. Nov. 1975 / 26. Aug. 2005
This is a good example that the warehouse at Banff is nearly depleted. The increased prices are not followed by an age increase or better whisky.
Gordon & MacPhail - Connoisseurs Choice
Signatory Vintage - Cask Strength Collection (Sign.) - 12. Nov. 1980 / 13. Jan. 2009
Signatory Vintage - Cask Strength Collection (Sign.) - 12. Nov. 1975 / 04. Nov. 2007
Duncan Taylor - Nov. 1975 / Apr. 2011
A 35 year old Banff from the independent bottler Duncan Tailor.
Gordon & MacPhail - Rare Old (G&M)

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