Johnnie Walker

The Johnnie Walker whisky is a Scotch blended malt. This means this whisky contains a mixture of whiskies from other distilleries. The excact blend of the whisky is kept as a good secret, but it is common knowledge that the main ingredients are Cardu and Talisker.

Johnnie Walker Green Label
Johnnie Walker Black Label

The Green Label is is the standard bottling of Johnnie Walker and comes with 15 years and 43% ABV. It is not one of the premium Scotch whiskies, but it is a nice now an then whisky.

The Black Label comes with 12 years and 40% ABV. It has a good peat note and is also a bit spicy. It is a well rounded Blended Scotch Whisky.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label
The Blue Label
Johnnie Walker Gold Label
The Glold Label

The Gold Label was first introduced in the year 1920. It was the 100th anniversary of the Johnnie Walker brand. It comes with no age statement and 40% ABV. It is a rather mild Scotch with creamy notes with the addition of honey and vanilla.

The Blue label is one of the premium bottlings of Johnnie Walker. It also comes with no age statement and 40% ABV. But the Blend includes some very old Scotch whiskies. This gives the blue label a very intensive taste. There is some peat smoke and hints, of chocolate with the addition of oak. Also very distinguishable is the finish. Here you find a long peated oakiness with a bit of sea flavour.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label
Platinum Label

The Platiunum Label is also one of the premium bottlings of Johnnie Walker. It comes with 18 years at an ABV of 40%. It is a strong malt with a lot of fruitiness and vanilla. Experienced connoisseurs will find a light peat smoke note.

The Johnnie Walker Odyssey is a new bottling of the deluxe range. It is a triple malt and was created to honor Sir Alexander Walker. The Oddyssey comes with no age statement at 40% ABV. It is one of the fruity whiskies that come with a lot of berry and citric aromas. You might also find smooth honey and caramel.